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Wadhurst Station Road, WADHURST, East Sussex, TN5 6RZ Open 24 Hours

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Season ticket rates

  • Monthly £87.90
  • Quarterly £261.10
  • Six Monthly £524.30
  • Yearly £949.00

Wadhurst Station Car Park

Please note: Purchasing permits/tickets in advance does not guarantee you a parking space

Total number of spaces:    315

Disabled Spaces: 4

Additional Info:

Waiting List

Due to the high demand of parking at this station a waiting list is currently in place for season permits. To check availability, obtain a quote for your preferred product and follow the steps. In future when a permit becomes available we will contact you. Please note that Scratch Cards are also temporarily unavailable at this car park.

Please note that e-tickets and Scratch-Cards are not classed as season permits and therefore do not entitle customers to park in season permit holder only bays!

Connect Cashless Parking

You can purchase parking using Connect Cashless Parking when you arrive at this station car park. Just call 0345 434 8008 from your mobile within 30 minutes of parking, enter 1383 and follow the simple instructions. Payment is made by debit or credit card with the option to store your payment details for future purchases.

Why register for CCP

  • - Pay for parking via SMS
  • - Receive VAT receipts via email
  • - Manage your default Location, Registration and payment details


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